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Does email marketing contribute to 20%+ of your overall revenue?

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As an e-commerce brand, you know how important email marketing is. A lot of your paid and organic traffic is going to waste without a strong retention strategy
- Enter email marketing 👋

Capture your site traffic and convert them through through targeted campaigns and automated flows!

Key Benchmarks


Revenue generated
by email marketing


High Converting
Email Flows


Split of flows vs campaigns


Email Popup
Submission Rate

If your brand falls short on any of these benchmarks, schedule a call with us. We will show you how we can help you reach those goals.

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How we nearly doubled TOR's Black Friday revenue

We helped a boutique hair care brand nearly double their BF/CM sales from 2022 to 2023. No help from social or paid ads - just email marketing!

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Our Process

Our service is a done-with-you approach to email marketing. Every part of the process is either setup by our team, or done by you under our guidance. Here's how it breaks down:

Build the Base

Initial Setup

After onboarding, our team will set up the structure of your core flows, create user-friendly email templates, and establish your brand's campaign calendar for the current quarter. This process will take a few weeks. These pieces are necessary to hit the ground running in month 2.

Test, Optimize, Execute

On Going Support

Once our initial setup is complete, we can being creating working with you to being executing. Our team will set up bi-monthly touchpoints with your teams to provide guidance, review performance, and identify growth opportunities. We'll do all the strategy, you just need to create the emails (using the templates we provide 😉).

Why Consulting?

Expert Guidance

Our team has successfully managed email marketing for multiple Shopify brands. Allow us bring that experience to your brand.

Low Cost

Our approach, which involves client execution, allows us to offer our services at a lower cost. The cheapest way to optimize your email marketing

Hands On

Your team will remain involved in all email marketing aspects. This enables your team to learn while maintaining your brand identity/voice.

I highly recommend working with Andrew and Devin. They are constantly evolving as a company and offering new and important industry insights which I have no time to keep up to date on by myself. They are kind, courteous, and reliable which, for me, is some of the highest praise I can assign when working closely with others who impact and represent my brand.

Jessica Cadmus

Rogue Paq

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